48 Articles to go beginner to pro in JavaScript

48 Articles to go beginner to pro in JavaScript

On the off chance that you are new to coding, you may contemplate whether you can get a grip of a programming language in no time. The appropriate response is just: no. It's close to difficult to acquire master information on all the programming languages popular and get a lesser designer work in a short measure of time.

JavaScript is the most well-known language for making site pages intelligent. To truly command the notice of guests to your site, you will need it to have intelligent highlights.

Yet, how long will it truly require to get familiar with the rudiments of JavaScript? We should make a plunge and see.

Let's discuss how to learn JavaScript a roadmap with resources.

JavaScript Fundamentals: Execution Syntax

  • Global execution context
  • Function execution context
  • Hoisting
  • Scope chain and lexical environment



  • Comparison operators
  • Logical operators
  • Short circuit evaluation
  • String operators
  • Conditional operator


Control flow and Error handling

  • Block statement
  • Conditional statement
  • Falsy values
  • Exception handling statement
  • Throw statement


Object and Functions

  • Function statement and Function expression
  • IIFE and practical use. Safe code
  • Nested fuctions and closures
  • Practical closures


Object and Function [MORE and IMPORTANT]

  • Asynchronous operations with callback functions
  • ABC of JavaScript
  • How primitive values assigned by values and references
  • Object literals, properties and methods
  • Optional chaining
  • 'this' keyword



  • Array declaration (get value by index, get arrays length)
  • Array helper methods: forEach, map, filter, find, every, some, reduce, sort, concat, findIndex, reverse, includes, pop, shift, unshift.


ES6 (Part 1)

  • Const and let
  • Block scoped variables and functions with let
  • Arrow functions
  • Set default parameter values in a Functions
  • Extended parameter handling(Rest and Spread)


ES6 (Part 2)

  • Template literals
  • Destructuring assignment
  • Object properties
  • Async flow control
  • Class (definition, inheritance, base class access, getter/setter, static members)


Inheritance and prototype chain

  • How does Prototype property works
  • How to use prototype property
  • How to inherit methods and properties
  • Different ways to create objects and the resulting prototype chain


JavaScript Modules

  • Export and Import of modules
  • Default and names exports
  • rename imports and exports
  • import and export of classes
  • Dynamic module loading
  • Top level await


This was a pretty straightforward roadmap with articles as resources. But these resources are really helpful and are from website people love to read.

Thanks for looking into this article. Hope you have a great journey ahead.

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