28 Websites paying to write Technical Articles

28 Websites paying to write Technical Articles

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With the world depending on the web for data, there are numerous chances to bring in cash as an technical essayist on the web. Technical articles, for example, realities and information about a specialized subject or rules on programming improvement are looked for by understudies and engineers both.

Technical information has the best worth among the present experts. With such countless progressions going on in programming/versatile advancement regions, an ever increasing number of individuals have begun to seek after this field. You can utilize your insight to compose and distribute accommodating instructional exercises. How great is it that you will really be remunerated for your commitments.


Pays: $300 - $600

The clubhouse is a collaborative. It offers helpful ways for your group to cooperate.

Their author program-"Write, Earn, Give program". They acknowledge general classes of articles composed for designers and programmers. You can even compose fun posts with respect to the programming scene on their program.

You can also write on Career guidance, leadership and some more non programming stuff.


Pays: $500

Technical tutorials with code. They give APIs. They anticipate specialized instructional exercises with code. It is ideal to include their APIs in your instructional exercises. It expands your likeliness to get acknowledged.


Pays: $500
They're a bit different. They are specially looking for more advance articles on using their APIs. Nothing on general or leadership or beginner focused article.


Pays: $300

Each month, they focus on a few specific topic areas, and they are looking for authors who understand those topics well.


Pays: $150

DeepSource is looking for technical writers who can write content in the form of blogposts and articles on topics related to the following topics: code quality, code review, static analysis, software engineering best practices, etc.


Pays: $100 - $400

They are really a specialized substance creation organization. They for the most part compose for programming new businesses.

Also, they are inviting you to compose with them. They acknowledge specialized articles dismissing any determinations.


Pays: $100 - $200

They are looking for articles on Jamstack tutorials, deep-dives, and reviews that make other developer's life easier.


Pays: $500

They are looking for in-depth blog posts on Ruby, PHP, or JavaScript.


Pays: $250

You can literally write anything realted to Development, Designing and fun stuff. Visit here and you can see all the amazing topics you can write on.


Pays: $200

Here is the link to the topics they are looking for currently. They have pretty cool list of article topics.


Pays: $300

Articles on Web Development, JAMStack, React or Using takeshape with other apps.


Pays: $450

You can write technical articles on lot of different frameworks, programming languages, and modern development techniques. Electron, Java, .NET, Python or Mobile etc.


Pays: $150

They're looking for article on SQL, Databases, Analysis, Dashboards or Advice for developers


Pays: $500

There aren’t any strict requirements for topics. You just need to be relevant, creative and technical.


Pays: $350

They're mainly looking for tutorials on

  • React, Redux, Vue.js, webpack, Wasm, MobX, GraphQL, JavaScript, etc.
  • Frontend development best practices
  • Product/UI/UX design


Pays: $300

They are looking for technical articles that has the potential to reach a audience.


Pays: $300

The Hasura Technical Writer program is a way for you to support the Hasura GraphQL Engine or GraphQL in general by writing technical content, and get paid for doing so!


Pays: $100 - $700 ($700 and more for high quality articles, $100 for quick tutorial and $250 regular size articles)

You can write on PHP, Ruby, server-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, document-based database systems, and everything in between. No matter what you're familiar with be it in your day-to-day, your hobby work, or both, we're likely looking to run it.


Pays: $300(minimum)

Linode’s library is a long-running and popular resource for developers, engineers, and others. Linode's library is hosted on GitHub, and by contributing to the library, you'll be adding to your portfolio on GitHub.


Pays: $300

There are many amazing topics you can write one.


Pays: $50 - $150

GeeksforGeeks introduces freelance technical content writing for the professionals who have taken a break from their career for any reasons.

There are various topics you can write on including C++, SQL, Java, Design, Animation and manyy things.


Pays: $500

They are looking for articles related to Devops and Sysadmins that are long form.


Pays: $100 - $500

You can write on many topics. They have a huge list of topics. Non-coding + Programming.


Pays: $150 - $500

If you are building modern applications using JavaScript frameworks and languages such as Java/Python/Go etc., combining components such as microservices, serverless functions, 3rd party APIs, GraphQL etc., with Fauna, the “Write with Fauna” program is a way for you to contribute to the community by writing technical content, and getting paid for doing so.


Pays: $50 - $500 (see their payout structure)

Interested in writing technical articles for Data Scientists and Machine Learning practitioners, then NeptuneAI is the best place to show your writing skills. You can write on various topics such as Building models, Computer Vision, Hyperparameter tuning.


Pays: $100 - $200

WPHUB has evolved from a site that reviewed WordPress themes and plugins to a content oriented site that wrote about the coming and goings of all things WordPress. You can write about WordPress tutorials.

Smashing Magazine

Pays: $50 - $500


Pays: $300

They're looking for guest authors who who are familiar with containers, DevOps, Kubernetes, and related technology(no necessary).


It requires some investment to develop any independent composing business and the hardest part is beginning. Regardless of whether you're attempting to bring in additional cash or you need to make a full-time pay to help your family, getting paid to write technical articles needs to begin some place.

Utilize the destinations above and get your work distributed. As you work through the rundown, you'll acquire important associations and you'll get paid to distribute content, which you can use as tests to discover much more lucrative customers in the innovation specialty. In addition, many top innovation organizations read the destinations found previously.

They will see your name and need to employ you for their own substance! Obviously, similarly as with any specialty, you need to follow the rules put out by each and every site. Ensure you submit incredible work in the arrangement they like and you'll get paid to compose innovation articles as you submit to an ever increasing number of sites. It begins with only one and you can't get to a $5,000 each month pay without getting paid for that first article.

Perhaps the innovation specialty is only one of the specialties you need to bring in cash composing on the web with. I've gathered a MASSIVE rundown of sites prepared to pay you to compose for them.

If you're interested in adding something here, just comment it with the link🚀

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